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Smells do funny things to our brains. They connect us to memories and moments in a way that something visual never could. Just as interestingly is the effect smells have on our moods. Have you noticed that smells like lavender and vanilla give you a calming effect while a smell like coffee or citrus will perk you right up?

Now, Japan has combined the excitement of receiving a letter with the power of different scents to create a world first in letter sending. This service is available for only a limited-time, so try it before the letters (and smells!) are gone with the wind.

Blendy Stick is an instant coffee drink that comes in a small, elongated sachet. Its makers capture many different flavors and offer an assortment of delicious coffee drinks in single servings. The latest Blendy product, Tea Heart Stick, hopes to capture that same success with fruity tea flavors. And with their new promotion, Tea Heart is certainly one of the most interesting advertising campaigns we’ve seen–or smelled!

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Here’s the pitch: write a letter to a friend, mother, lover, brother (well, anyone really) and then accompany that physical letter with the most appropriate scent. Through Blendy’s special site, you pick who to send the letter to among your Facebook friends and that letter will come with a wood chip that has your chosen smell on it. Imagine a lovely message written on some cute stationary sent to your loved ones that smells like “Wish you were here!” (which is rose and lavender, according to the site).

▼Scent #1: “Like a kid before a vacation, the scent of being unable to wait for tomorrow. For the person who departing into a new world.”

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There are 100 scents to choose from, so there’s bound to be a scent that represents the meaning of your letter! If you are looking for the smell that represents “the scent of happiness you feel when you successfully prank someone”, or “usshisshi” (coriander and peppermint), 100 Kaori Letter has you covered. How about that “muramura” feeling of sexual longing, made from ylang ylang and grapefruit? Sure, that reminds you of “the scent wild ideas boys have when they hit puberty”, right!?

Oh, and if you happen to send a letter telling that you think you might have seen an alien, there’s a smell for that. That one is called “kyoton” and is made from star anise and eucalyptus! Of course.

▼Scent #100: “The scent of energy gushing forth from your heart and body. For the person you want to be genki forever and ever.”

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This being a promotional event, Tea Heart Stick also lets you enclose one of their wonderful new teas in the letter. You can choose from Lemon & Lemon Peel, White & Yellow Peach, Apple & Rosehip, and Grapefruit & Mint.

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Each day, starting at 3 pm, only 30 letters will be sent out with the chosen smell. This will continue each day until 1,000 letters have been dispatched!

In just over a month, 100 Kaori Letter will close its doors. So you’ll have to act fast to make yours one of the letters sent out. Don’t let the chance to tell someone you “are so excited, you can’t wait for the next day to begin” by smell, go up in smoke, smelly smoke!

Source: Entabe
Images: 100 Kaori Letter, Stick x Stick