Nintendo proves once again that it really values its fans. 

For all of the complaints that some have with Nintendo’s tendency to churn out the same games over and over again, they still manage to maintain a spot in our hearts. That might be partially because the company actually has a reputation for taking care of its fans, like the time they sent a heartwarming response to a blind fan’s letter.

In fact, Nintendo regularly responds to fans’ letters. Just recently, even, Twitter user @rabbitkicks shared the story of how their son, a Splatoon 2 fan, wrote a letter to Nintendo, and how they received a surprising and touching response in turn. 

▼ “My son wrote a letter to Nintendo, and I didn’t expect the response we got back. They even used Splatoon paper, which he loved! Thank you! Nintendo, we love you!”

The letter written by her son says: “I like the ranked battles in Splatoon. Good luck with making more games! I also like Pokémon.” It’s also decorated with a drawing of an Inkling in squid form, and with Pokémon stickers in the bottom right corner.

The returned letter from Nintendo, which is indeed printed on Splatoon stationery, responds specifically to the contents of @rabbitkicks’ son’s letter, thanking him for his words of support. “We are so happy that you like Splatoon 2…We are also grateful for your warm words of encouragement, so we will continue to work hard on our games.” The letter is even written with simple characters in a format that is easy to read for a young child, too.

Though it’s not signed by anyone, and it’s a tad formal for a young boy, it is very sweet that Nintendo’s Main Office sent a response at all, never mind a personalized letter. @rabbitkicks was certainly touched by their kind attention, and their son was clearly overjoyed at having received it. Other Japanese Twitter users were impressed as well:

“Kids definitely remember this kind of thing. Nintendo is so admirable!”
“It’s wonderful that they used all hiragana and no difficult kanji.”
“What’s amazing is that they didn’t use a pre-formatted letter and even responded to what your son wrote.”
“An incredible response from an incredible company.”
“What a nice story.”

It’s worth noting, too, that this kind of response is not limited to Nintendo’s Japanese offices. Another netizen shared a letter they received from Nintendo America, after they sent a letter of gratitude to the former president when they learned he was stepping down.

Isn’t it nice to know that a company as big as Nintendo really values their fans? We were a little bit worried when Bowser took control, but so far, it seems that public relations haven’t suffered under his reign!

Source: Twitter/@rabbitkicks via Hachima Kiko
Featured Image: Twitter/@rabbitkicks
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