Being an illustrator is definitely one of the coolest jobs in the world. It requires a ton of work and dedication, but there’s something undeniably magical about the way artists create something out of nothing but ink and pencil. However, even the best artist sometimes needs a hand when it comes to anatomy, which would explain why poseable models are always popular. After all, the morgue would be packed if every artist had to cut open a corpse to learn how the body works!

So it’s little surprise that an app for the iPhone, called ArtPose, has recently been making waves on Twitter in Japan. But the reason for its popularity might not be what you expect!

artpose5iTunes (ArtPose)

Costing only 300 yen (US$2.99), ArtPose might just be the perfect iPhone app for a starving artist struggling with anatomy, perspective and shadows. According to its description, the app provides a model which can be manipulated and posed as necessary, as well as a movable light source. If you can’t quite figure out the placement of a particular body part or shadow for your 10-foot-tall mural of Mr. Sato in full glam mode, ArtPose will help by letting you set up the pose and a light source and giving you a movable, zoomable camera.

▼Basically like this.

“ArtPose has both male and female models, and each of them are 300 yen. It was a pretty good purchase!”

Which is all pretty damn nifty, if you ask us–but that’s not only reason why the app is getting tweeted and retweeted in Japan. It turns out that the models are a little too poseable! Just check out this image tweeted by @aza_me.

▼”Hellooo.” (Said in George Takei’s voice.)

artpose1Twitter (@aza_me)

Well, that’s certainly what nightmares are made of! Maybe it would help if we dialed things back a bit. Check out this attempt at the Mega Man pose. It almost worked!

“I tried to make a Mega Man pose with this app, but when I actually did it, I felt like the pose itself didn’t make sense…”

Now that we’re looking it, we have to wonder…just what the hell is Mega Man doing??

Here’s another example of the flexibility that ArtPose provides you with. Which might actually be pretty helpful if you’re trying to do a collage of hilarious ragdoll death scenes from Grand Theft Auto.

▼”Run over by ambulance. AGAIN!”

artpose2Twitter (@you629)

ArtPose can also help you relive the most heartbreaking scene in all of Western cinema…

▼If you’re not tearing up, you’re either a monster or you need to watch Terminator 2.

artpose 3 (1)Twitter (@machikasu)

It looks like ArtPose might also be pretty useful for all of our doujinshi artists!

artpose 3 (2)Twitter (@machikasu)

It’s also just a great way to kill time on the train…

▼”ArtPose is too much fun! LOL!”

So, it turns out that playing with ArtPose itself is pretty entertaining! In fact, it looks like people are having so much fun playing with the app that we’re starting to wonder if anyone is doing any actual drawing…

▼It turns out that the answer is yes! Kind of…

“I bought the sketch doll app ArtPose! See how well I could draw just with this!”

Umm…well, we guess there’s no shortcut to becoming a good artist, is there?

Even so, we think ArtPose would definitely be a great addition to any artist’s toolbox. Especially if they’re sketching while out and about! Or if they need a good laugh while taking a break…

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Images: Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4), iTunes