Instead he’s been tweeted all over the world for his (partially) convincing transformation into a pretty girl.

Bodybuilding requires a lot of work and dedication, but Japanese Twitter user and bodybuilder @Tats_Gunso shows us that the results are well worth it. His real name is Tatsuma Sugawara, and he is a professional body builder and entertainer. He’s a member of Macho 29, a group of bodybuilding entertainers whose work includes Macho Nikuya, a yakiniku restaurant of fangirls’ dreams, where tasty hunks of meat are served by tasty hunks of meat, and he has also participated in several bodybuilding competitions, to pretty substantial success.

▼ And not for nothin’, that’s for sure.

But despite all of his accomplishments in his bodybuilding endeavors (and accomplishments they sure are!) he has recently gone viral internationally on Twitter, not for his handsome face and chiseled bod, but for his look as an exceedingly convincing pretty girl – for six seconds. A video he posted on April 3 showing just the face of a cute, demure-looking Japanese girl won netizens’ hearts, that is until it panned out to show the rest of her.

It’s pretty convincing; from the first shot, he looks like an Instagram model taking a selfie.

Then the camera pans out and….something looks a little off. Umm…

And then she flexes her arms, and wowza! Check out the guns on this girl! (On second thought, maybe that’s not a girl…)

This juxtaposition of pretty and burly is so intriguing that more than 150,000 netizens all over the world have liked and reteweeted Mr. Sugawara’s video. In addition to some GIF memes, responses in multiple languages range from surprise to amusement to even attraction:

“This is very intimidating.”
“What is this? Ahhhh”
“Hey pretty lady, you’ve got a nice body!”
“Those are some burly arms!”
“She’s cute, but tough!”
“Omg lol you got me good!”

@Tats_Gunso uploaded the video as an April Fools’ joke, and it’s probably fair to say that was a successful prank. Apparently to attain the level of pretty needed for such an impact, he enlisted the help of a makeup artist and also used the “pretty girl” filter on his phone camera. That’s what gives it that photoshopped look that makes it all the more surprising.

But just because this particular bodybuilder isn’t female doesn’t mean there aren’t burly women in Asia! Despite general standards of beauty include being slim and slender, there are plenty of Japanese and Korean women who can break your heart, both physically and emotionally.

Source: Hachimakiko
Images: Twitter/@Tats_Gunso 

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