The virtual birthday cards she’s been receiving online show the popular virtual idol in a number of poses and scenarios.

Forget cakes and making wishes while blowing out candles for your birthday – when you’re a virtual pop star you get showered with images of yourself in a wide variety of poses and creative scenarios. Japanese vocaloid Hatsune Miku is the birthday girl, and while she’s just turned nine in vocaloid years, her fanbase is already filled with a huge number of talented artists who can’t help expressing their love for her through their preferred medium. Let’s take a look at some of the impressive birthday cards the virtual star received to celebrate her ninth birthday.

This fan has Miku biting into a big slice of shortcake as part of her birthday celebrations.

▼ While here she’s being showered with colourful macaroons.

This futuristic aqua-hued image pays as much attention to the stunning animated background as it does to the pretty star herself.

And this image celebrates nine years of Miku with nine different “types” of Miku, including one gleefully clutching an oversized green onion.

▼ Here, Miku appears like an angel in a gorgeous off-white outfit.

▼ There are also some stylised gothic versions of the star too.

Whether she’s singing, dancing or playing dress-up, Miku brings a sense of fun to everything!

▼ Flowers are always a pretty fit for a pretty star.

Happy birthday, Miku! You were first released into the world on 31 August, 2007, and now, nearly a decade later, you’re still loved by fans across the country. And judging from the look of these beautiful images, they’re some of the most talented folks around!

If you have a picture you’d like to contribute to Miku’s dazzling collection of virtual birthday cards online, be sure to hop on to Twitter and add the hashtag #初音ミク生誕祭2016 (“Hatsune Miku’s Birthday Festival 2016”) to send her your regards!

Source: Kai-You
Top Image: Twitter/@kuroi0