If you’ve ever experienced an Asian summer, you’ll know how unbearably hot and humid it can be. In Thailand, where summer temperatures often stay above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees F) and can reach 100% humidity, keeping body temperatures down becomes a priority not only for people, but for our furry friends as well.

Clever canines know to beat the heat by hanging outside local convenience stores, where there’s shade, a cold surface to lie on, and best of all, a steady flow of traffic to open the automatic doors, releasing precious, steady gusts of cool, conditioned air. But there’s more…

Now there’s another free perk for the exhausted stray animals, as 7-Eleven has started providing these dogs with flea treatments and rabies vaccinations. The feel-good tale has touched netizens worldwide, with many people heaping praise on the way the situation is being handled. Cats of the world, however, are yet to make their opinions known.


Customers in Thailand are used to sharing shop thoroughfares with pooped-out pooches. Some dogs have literally gone one step further, entering the stores and lying inside where they can enjoy the air-conditioning full-time. Rather than resorting to extreme measures, shopkeepers and customers have remained tolerant, and the company that operates the nation’s 7-Eleven stores, CP All, together with a local dog-lover’s association, has dispatched veterinarians to treat the dogs and ensure their interaction with the public remains safe.

So far, the number of dogs outside the company’s 7,900 stores is confirmed to be over 1,000. They are currently looking to expand the service to other areas, and while many are applauding the decision, many are also commending the great display of Thai generosity. Happy customers, happy dogs and happy netizens. It’s the best way to start your Monday and kick off the working week!

Source: Bangkok Keizai Shimbun
Photos: RocketNews24