The priceless expression on one dog’s face as he was carried off a train platform in Japan has us in stitches.

Japan’s railways may be one of the most practical ways of navigating the country, but naturally this privilege only applies to humans and the occasional seeing-eye dog. Nevertheless, one pup in Kyoto decided that he wasn’t going to let that discourage him from trying his luck at Kitaoji Station, perhaps taking a cue from some of these train-riding felines we’ve featured in the past.

The dog managed to make it past the gates—sans ticket or pass card—and through the station onto the subway platform, but was apprehended by station staff just before his train arrived. Boo!

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That last image is surely a cry of “Noooooooooo!” at his plans being foiled at the last minute.

While Japan is relatively tolerant of stray cats, stray dogs are often considered a danger to society, and when one is found they are usually removed and taken to the pound. That doesn’t mean cats have it easy all the time, though. Just take a look at this kitty who didn’t receive quite the warm welcome it had anticipated after wandering into its neighborhood convenience store.

▼ “Milk, tuna, kitty litter…”

▼ “This degrades both of us, you know…”


The little guy looks just as confused at being denied entry into the store as the convenience store clerk probably was to see him wander in.

Things may not have gone their way, but it was just the laugh we and many other netizens needed at the end of another long week.

Source: Twitter/@jun_rit314 via Kinisoku
Feature/top image: Twitter/@jun_rit314
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