Despite our fondness of cats here at RocketNews24, we do still have a soft spot for pooches. So here’s something to appease the dog-loving readers of our site–a new line of gel dog beds sold by Japanese pet interior brand UNIHABITAT, which are designed to recreate the feeling of lying between a human’s legs.

Get ready, pampered pooches of the world, because you’re in for a treat–if your jealous humans don’t buy them all up for themselves first, that is!

The most distinctive feature of UNIHABITAT’s new gel dog beds is their unique V-shaped design. The inclined sides are specifically designed to give your dog the sensation of lying between your legs, as shown below:


It seems like the only thing missing to provide 100% comfort to your dog would be your specific human scent! (Maybe you can drape some of your dirty socks over the edges?)

In addition, the beds are made out of layers of gel and polyurethane foam to conform to your dog’s body and provide the utmost in doggy relaxation:



▼ Don’t worry about cleaning, however–a removable cover makes it easy to throw in the wash at any time.


▼ Both energetic pups and canines getting on in their years will appreciate the softness of the beds.


The beds come in two sizes, small and medium, which are currently being marketed for 8,800 yen (US$71.51) and 10,000 yen ($81.26), respectively.

▼ The dimensions for each size are given below.


▼ Big dogs don’t have to feel left out at all!


Finally, the beds come in two color variations:

▼ Here we have the green lawn-patterned bed.


▼ And here we have the brown dirt-patterned bed.


I don’t know about you guys, but those beds look pretty comfy to me. Would it be weird if I got one for myself? Just don’t tell my furry canine pal around the corner!


Source: IT Media
Images: Unihabitat