In Japan, particularly online, you may come across the term DQN (dokyun). It’s a label reserved for those at the lowest order of intelligence and social graces and those who rank in the highest percentile for violence and general douchebag behavior.

Catching one of these creatures in their natural habitat of the streets is a rare but obnoxious treat. That’s why it’s awfully nice of them to record their own anti-social behavior so that we may study their ways in the comfort of our own home, and so the authorities can arrest and prosecute them all the more easily.

Take alleged DQN Tsuyoshi Nakamura for example, who along with some associates stands accused of harassing, threatening, and extorting from the entire staff of a FamilyMart convenience store in Ibaraki, Osaka. Nakamura is also under suspicion of forcing them to get on their knees and bow in apology, with the entire scene being uploaded to YouTube for all to see.

The situation began when the group of ruffians entered the FamilyMart on September 8 and began eating and drinking the merchandise before paying for the items. The young male clerk, who was a bit of a tough character himself, sternly warned them against such behavior and demanded them to stop. An annoying argument ensued.

Although the young clerk should be commended for sticking up for himself, his forceful tones against a female of the species upset the other DQN greatly, causing one of them to hurl their drink at the man.

Things escalated from there as another video takes place in the back room of the shop. Here we see the young clerk along with an older one and someone who appears to be the manager. An orange-haired man can be heard making threatening gangster-like remarks to the staff like someone out of an Kinji Fukasaku movie, saying things like: “I’m gonna get one of my boys to drive a car through this store.”

In the final video, we see the entire staff and management kowtowing to the DQN in what’s called a “dogeza” position where the person seeking forgiveness sits on their legs and bows so deeply that their forehead touches the floor–a sight that the Japanese internet was embarrassed to see occur in a clothing store in September last year following complaints from an irate customer.

Also during the altercation a DQN made the comment “A proper apology shouldn’t be empty-handed,” which is an old yakuza line meaning “give me something of value and I won’t beat you up.” Currently Nakamura is suspected of extorting six cartons of cigarettes worth 26,700 yen (US$250) presumably in apology smokes. It’s also believed that more was taken, including cash.

After leaving the store the group appeared to waste little time posting their videos and pictures on YouTube and Twitter. This certainly helped lead to Nakamura’s swift arrest, which was announced the very next day, and we can probably expect the others to get hauled in soon as well.

Many online were amazed and called the group “a special kind of stupid” for posting their crimes on the internet, but it was a moot point anyways. The store had cameras of their own which they turned over to police after reporting the incident. Net users were also amazed by both the speed of the Osaka Prefectural Police and the fact that Nakamura is 39 years old – a little old to be shaking down FamilyMart cashiers.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News, News Matome Mori (Japanese)
Video & Images: YouTube – 大 嫌儲民, 山内, 智之 菅野