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Apple just announced its new generation of gadgets, including a smartwatch called the Apple Watch. Not wanting to wait for its 2015 release, Japanese Twitter user Shoji Hiromichi decided to make his own…out of a real apple.

Posted to Twitter on September 10, the photos have since been retweeted tens of thousands of times:

Shoji tweets, “I immediately went out and got an Apple Watch! The website visuals and explanations are so great!” referring to the fake press-release he created. He finishes his tweet remarking, “I love it so much I landed up eating the entire thing!”

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“FEATURES – Not only does it not tell time, it’s an extremely sticky watch. The hands also don’t move. Fresh juice trickles down. This is a device that will most definitely mess up the cuff of your shirt. It’s also a partner that will turn brown and attract tiny flies.”

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“We humans need to burn calories to survive. But food was never always to hand. Until now. The Apple Watch doesn’t just attract ants to your wrist. When you most need it, Apple Watch is there to support you.”

Although Shoji’s Apple Watch isn’t as permanent as Apple Inc.’s version, we have to applaud his creativity and quick carving skills!

Source: IT Media
Photos: Twitter – sinomoritsukasa