Mako photo book and stationery2

Mako, also known as “the cat with the strange face,” may not be as globally recognized as Maru, but we have a feeling she’s going to start gaining a few fans after the release of her very own book of pictures and set of stationary. Mako is the star of a Japanese photoblog, but the site also includes her three brothers and sisters, all of whom are also featured on a few of these adorable products. Let’s take a closer look!

Mako photo book and stationery

The set goes by the same name as the blog: まこという名の不思議顔の (“The strange-faced cat called Mako”), but with the addition of “Mako Mako Dream BOX”. And what a dreamy box it is! Here’s what’s inside:

▼ First up in the set is an adorable book cover featuring Mako.Mako photo book and stationery2

▼ You’ll also receive Mako envelopes, to hold all of your good ideas.

Mako photo book and stationery3

▼ There’s also a pen featuring not only Mako, but Eita, Shirotaro, and Shion.Mako photo book and stationery4

▼ And what kind of stationery set would it be if it didn’t include a pencil case?Mako photo book and stationery5

▼ But perhaps the cutest part of the set is the Mako photobook, filled with cute kitty poses.
Mako photo book and stationery6

▼ Here’s a peek at the inside:Mako photo book and stationery7 Mako photo book and stationery8

Isn’t Mako just the cutest? But even if you’re not yet convinced of Mako’s charmingly strange face, head on over to her blog with an open heart and a bit of Japanese language skill, and we’re sure you’ll be in love after the first few posts!

(c) Keiko Maeda, Yutaro Oka
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