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From preschool all the way to university, Japan has a very proud tradition of schools festivals. Every year, the students and teachers work together to transform their school into an array of art, entertainment and food their goal to make the school as fun as possible for everyone who attends. High schools and colleges especially go the extra mile to show that their school is number one by having various cafes, haunted houses, cosplay photography, and performances.

But there’s an event idea that has gone viral because of the amazing efforts of one high school: a manually operated tea cup ride.

Tea cups, love’em or hate’em, they are THE ride for carnivals. If a carnival doesn’t have the tea cup ride, you can’t properly call it a carnival. Maybe soon we will think the same way for high school culture festivals. In 2012, thanks to the extreme efforts of ridiculously determined students at the Otsuka High School in Tsukuba, the first high school tea cup ride was born. Forget your silly haunted classrooms, and lame trick-art rooms, if we aren’t lining up for a human-powered spinny tea cup ride, we aren’t lining up at all!

▼The video and school that started it all!

News of this amazing attraction spread quickly, especially after the class posted a video to YouTube featuring their ride. Commenters inundated them with requests to share how they built such spectacular contraptions all on their own.

It apparently took the Otsuka students about four months to complete construction of this “tea cup” ride, but they weren’t stingy with their blueprints because in 2013, more high schools featured the “manually powered tea cup”.

▼High schools around Japan trying to make them

tea cup 4Photo: Twitter

▼Honey for my…hunny? 

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This year, the Tokatsu High School in Chiba featured an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea cup ride. They displayed some incredible skill and craftsmanship and their total dedication to the theme was really well received. As you can see, they still powered the ride by hand. To keep the ride running for the whole day, it takes some serious dedication to spinny fun!

▼Welcome to Higashi Katsushika (Tokatsu’s) High’s School Festival! 

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An unimaginable amount of time and patience went into these various tea cup rides and we would certainly like to give recognition to their hard work. We can only imagine how this attraction will grow and be improved on in the coming years. Perhaps something even more thrilling will be crafted…like a roller coaster or something.

Oh wait…

tea cup 6Photo: Otsuka Senior High School

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Hamako and Mimiko’s Argentina Life