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Japan has gotten into Halloween in a big way in the last few years. By mid-September, stores start putting up decorations and offering seasonal treats, even if the practice of trick-or-treating hasn’t really caught on here yet.

So it’s only natural that Halloween gets special treatment from another popular import, Tokyo’s Disney theme parks, as Disney Sea is offering up some spooky Halloween menu items, including a pitch black sausage.

Compared to Tokyo Disneyland, Disney Sea is more about atmosphere than rides, and as part of this theming, the park’s Yucatan Base Camp Grill is adding a new hamburger steak and barbeque pork combo plate from now until October 31. While that meaty combination would be tempting enough in any form, it’s all the harder to resist when it comes garnished with a skull-shaped tortilla chip, plus orange and black sauces that are perfect for the holiday.

▼ There’s also a side of purple potato salad, in keeping with Japanese marketers’ push to add the feminine hue to Halloween’s traditional colors.

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With so much to see at the park, though, you might not want to spend the time for a sit-down meal. If you’re still looking to get into the spirit of the season as you eat, though, there’s a selection on one-handed snacks you can munch on while walking to the next attraction. We’re not sure what manner of dark sorcery Disney used in creating its Black Sausage hot dog, but we will say that it looks sinisterly intriguing. The same goes for the skull-topped orange cream donut and the churro-like Black Tipo Torta, which holds a blueberry cheese filling.

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While these shadowy edibles are exclusive to Disney Sea, both parks at the Tokyo Disney Resort will also be selling merchandise from the Funny Monsters line, which features Disney characters dressed up as vampires, devils, and mummies.

▼ Although we’re not sure if Donald is wrapped in bandages because he’s a mummy or as a result of his penchant for slapstick humor.

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There’s even a selection of plates that you could use while eating your Black Sausage, donut, and Tipo Torta.

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Unfortunately, with four plates in the set, you’ll have to double up on one of the items. Honestly, though, any problem you can solve by adding donuts or sausages really isn’t a problem at all.

Source, images: Tokyo Disney Resort
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