Love ramen but can’t quite get the hang of chopsticks? Wish you had a way to have your noodles and slurp your broth too? Well you’re in luck! There’s a spoon/fork combo that was specifically created for your ramen-eating enjoyment. Check out all the stainless steel, long-prong action after the jump!

The Ramen Spoon + Fork was created for Japan’s Sugakiya ramen chain and is made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel. It features a concave spoon area perfect for holding broth and a long fork area for holding noodles.

▼ Here’s the front view of the Ramen Spoon + Fork.3

▼ And the back side, imprinted with Sugakiya’s name.

But this utensil is so much more than a ramen spoon/fork; it’s the ultimate spork! Because let’s face it, those plastic zig-zag-topped sporks of our childhood were useless. This stainless steel version has prongs that are actually long enough to skewer things. Look at it twirl noodles with ease:

▼ Try to do that with those white plastic sporks!8

▼ It’s also a handy spoon.101

It seems everyone loves this ramen spork! One seemingly apathetic, yet glowing 5-star review on Amazon explains the appeal of the ramen spork:

I bought this for my son. He eats Ramen noodles almost everyday for lunch. At first he mocked me for this gift. However, I have noticed it is in the dishwasher almost everyday day. So, while nothing has been said, I’m guessing this is a winner.

Another reviewer proclaiming it to be a “great utensil” had this to say:

I use it every time [I] go outside to eat ramen soup.
Now [I] easily can manage the noodles and the soup.
The Chinese waiter just laughs when he sees me eating with the spork

A different reviewer assuaged our fears regarding the spork’s efficacy as a utensil:

It actually works. Noodles attach to the fork portion and the broth goes in the spoon. Then into your mouth.

So if you’re a father who doesn’t effectively communicate with your ramen-loving son, a diner who’s not embarrassed to bring your own utensil, or someone who likes products that do exactly what they’re advertised to do, the Stainless Steel Ramen Spoon/Fork is perfect for you!

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