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Today in the most unsurprising non-news possibly ever: Yes, Japan is working on yet another creepy, borderline pedophilic virtual reality “game” where you interact in new, sleazy ways with a possibly underage girl.

This time, the new program in question is an Oculus Rift (the newer DK2, of course) game where the goal is to blow into a microphone and upturn virtual reality hottie Hatsune Miku’s skirt with your comically powerful virtual breath.

For those holding out hope that Japan isn’t, in fact, a weird bizarro nether-realm composed entirely of creepy, middle-aged pedophile salarymen and underage girls wearing short-skirted sailor uniforms, you might take comfort in knowing that this “game” was at least programmed by what appears to be a rogue private creator, unlike that other recent virtual reality perversion simulator created by enormous publisher Namco Bandai and readily endorsed – until international backlash – by electronics giant Sony.

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There will apparently be forthcoming other versions featuring different popular skirt-wearing cartoon characters, so if you’re a gross pedophile reading this and are not particularly a fan of Hatsune Miku, take heart.

Of course, Japan isn’t the only country with nefarious plans to turn the Oculus Rift into the virtual porn simulator it’s unfortunately destined to be. It’s just that it’s, well, kind of sad that it seems to be the only country with shameless plans to push porn-y underage girl interaction software onto the system.

Source: ITMedia
Photos: YouTube