Usually, Jesus limits his food-based appearances to grilled cheese and Cheetos in certainshall we sayconservative areas of North America, but it seems like he is making inroads to Asian pastries with an appearance in a dessert offered by Japan’s popular Komeda Coffee chain. And not just that, he decided to present as a famous recent incarnation: the monkey-faced botched restoration of Ecce Homo!

Twitter user @atahuta_ was enjoying the green tea roll cake when something struck him as familiar. Sure enough, with the anko beans suspended in the cream making the eyes and mouth, the sweet treat bears a striking resemblance to the simian son of god.


Sadly, much like the unique burn pattern on your cheese pizza may reveal the face of god once in a lifetime, the placement of the beans and where the cake is cut are key here, so you probably won’t get a piece exactly like the photo above if you order one, but it will only set you back 290 yen (about US$3) if you want to try. Even if you don’t get a miracle manifestation, at least you still have a yummy dessert.

And then you should probably read up on pareidelia.

Source: Togech
@atahuta_, My Navi News