There’s just something about young men ostentatiously showing off their expensive wheels that gets to us. And then some of them have to go that extra mile and start doing things like frying eggs on their million dollar cars, just because they can.

This, ladies and gentleman, is the Ferrari F40, the last car approved by Enzo Ferrari himself in 1987 to commemorate the iconic company’s 40th anniversary. Only 1,315 were ever made and at the time it was the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive model they’d ever sold to the public.

To appreciate just how legendary this vehicle is among automobile buffs, let’s take a look at some cold hard numbers. A few years ago they were being sold in the used marketplace from around US$400,000, but these days they’re fetching in the arena of $1 million, and it’s rumored that some buyers have paid up to $ 1.6 million to put one in their garages.

Now imagine sticking your camping gear on top of that and bouncing down an unpaved road to park on the gravel next to a river. And how about going a step further and imagining frying up some eggs on the hot muffler.

That’s what one Japanese dude did with his F40, and then uploaded the photos to Facebook so everyone could get a good look. Apparently he’d been out practicing racing when he got a sudden call to come to a barbecue with another racing team. At some of his commenters’ requests he even tried out cooking an egg on the super-hot muffler, and apparently it turned out great.

Netizen comments were split between admiration and condemnation, but whatever you think, it’s his property, he paid for it (we assume), so he can do what he likes with it! While car collectors everywhere weep and dream of the love they’d show it if only it were theirs…







Source: DQN Plus
Images: Facebook