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On the road to becoming a modern-day samurai, you’ll have to go through many trials. While learning to speak, dress, drink and decorate like a samurai is of utmost importance, your journey will begin with finding your samurai name. That’s where this handy website comes in!

In celebration of the woodblock print exhibit featuring the work of Katsushika Hokusai, the Grand Palais art museum in France has released a special website allowing anyone to discover their samurai roots. First, pick either the long and tall nobori banner or the round horo banner and enter your name:

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Click “Generate” and you’re a page away from your true samurai name. Here, we chose the horo banner, which showed up on the left side of the page. We were also treated to a little background information about our inner samurai as well as a photo.

▼ Looks like we need to lay off the cheesy poofs!
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And just in case you were wondering, entering the same name into the generator shows the exact same samurai name, so there is some sort of rhyme and reason to the site.

Just for fun, we wanted to see what the long nobori banner looked like, so we typed in a different name and were treated to a different flag, background info, and samurai:

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So head on over to the Grand Palais website and get ready to channel your inner samurai warrior!

Source: Japaaan Magazine
Images: Samourai