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Christmas cakes (yes, it’s already time to start thinking about the holidays) come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s not surprising at all to see our favorite feline character and international celebrity Hello Kitty turn herself into one. But this “Hello Kitty Face Cake” requires just a little bit more artistic creativity from you than the average cake. You see, the cake doesn’t come looking like the picture above — you actually have to make it into its Hello Kitty form!

That’s right, the unique cake sold from major Japanese bread and sweets manufacturer First Baking Co., Ltd. (known as Daiichi Pan in Japan)  is presented as a kind of “make your own Hello Kitty cake” project. This is what the cake initially looks like, nothing resembling the world-famous mascot character we’ve all come to love:

cake set 1

But the set comes with all the parts you need to turn the simple dome-shaped cake …

cake set 2

… into Hello Kitty in all her sweet glory! All you need to do is stick on the parts like a sticker. And of course, she comes with her trademark ribbon too, this time in a sweet pink color. Just imagine how much fun kids (and probably adults too) will have putting together Hello Kitty’s face!


The actual cake contains a cheese-based cream with apple preserve mixed  into it, as you can see in the picture below. We guess it could be considered relatively simple compared with some of the fancy cakes available nowadays with intricate designs or unusual ingredients, but apple and cream cheese certainly sound like a delightful enough combination to us. And since they’re using a cheese cream instead of regular whipped cream, the cake is likely to be not too sweet.

cake 2

The cake, measuring 13.5cm (approx 5 1/3 in) in diameter, is now available for pre-order at supermarkets in the Kanto, Chubo and Kansai areas of Japan at a price of 3,218 yen (US$29.33), but supply is limited to 7,500 cakes. Order one of these, and you’re sure to get some happy smiles at your Christmas dinner table — the only problem you’ll have then is that this cake may be too cute to eat!

Source: First Baking Co., Ltd. website (Japanese) via ITmedia (Japanese)
Photos: First Baking Co., Ltd. website