Nearly two weeks into the Occupy Central protests and things have hit a bit of a malaise. The Hong Kong government has cancelled previously promised talks and protester numbers have been on the decline. Organizers are hoping for a surge in support soon to maintain the demonstration.

Meanwhile, a song produced by Toshiharu Mineoka has helped to energize people featuring the vocaloid stylings of Hatsune Miku. Titled “Umbrella Revolution,” it has been generally well-received in Hong Kong and Taiwan since its posting on 1 October. The video’s YouTube page has been inundated with messages of thanks from people in Hong Kong such as “I cried when I first heard the song (and I don’t even know Japanese).”

Other videos have been posted on YouTube with subtitles in other languages from people in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The following is an English translation of the lyrics. Bear in mind that parts of the song are abstract and open to interpretation.

The voice of the umbrella people,
With the sword of words,
Raising noble courage,
Taking victory in their hands

The world hoped
The day where freedom is seen

Someday this standoff will…
Hey! Eehhhh-oh, Eehhhh-oh, Eehhheh-oh [victory chant]

We don’t need any of the sadness,
Because we stood up as one

The world believed
The backs melting into the horizon, filling the sky more than birds

And from the streets colored by umbrellas they sang…
Come on! Eehhhh-oh, Eehhhh-oh, Eehhheh-oh [victory chant]

Enough with all the anger,
Because you’re not alone any more

Who’s to say what the results of these protests will be? But as the song goes “the times they are a-changing” and in a world where protest songs can go from acoustic guitars to viral videos with vocaloids there’s no telling how things might change from here on out.

Source: YouTube – Haru Mineoka via Taiwan no Hanno Blog (Japanese)

“Umbrella Revolution” with subtitles in English and Chinese

Mineoka’s follow-up song: “Iridescent Courage”