It may be one of the most famous statues in the world, but that doesn’t mean ‘The Thinker’ is unique. There are actually around 28 versions of Rodin’s masterpiece bronze sculpture, and those are just the ones we know about.

That list of Thinkers is about to get a little bit longer, as a research team in Japan has just unearthed a fully flexible, articulated version of ‘The Thinker’. Coming in at less than a tenth of the size of Rodin’s original(s), this incredible bendable figure is only 15.5cm tall!

As these pictures from the team at Figma shows, this Thinker’s got some moves.




Uniquely, the sculpture is actually made of two kinds of plastic, called ABS & ATBC-PVC. That’s even more amazing when you think that until now, it’s been thought that there was no plastic in Rodin’s time, seeing as the first synthetic polymers were invented in the early 20th century.

▼ Take that, Bakelite!


The researchers at Figma anticipate that even more miniatures of this kind will be discovered, and that their flexi-Thinker will end up as just the first in a line of “Table Museum” pieces.

In fact, Figma currently have so many little articulated Thinkers, they’ll actually be selling them off from May 31, 2015. You can contribute towards the team’s vital work for 4,298 yen (US $40).


Source: Netolabu, Amazon
Images: Figma
Featured image: Figma (edited by RocketNews24)