Rock legend Yoshiki’s stylish punk kimono brand chosen to kick off Tokyo Fashion Week 2020

The organizers couldn’t have picked a better candidate to spearhead the catwalk.

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Instagram queen Naomi Watanabe poses for avant-garde photoshoot, slays fans

A sizzling photoshoot even Lady Gaga would envy.

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12-year-old Thai boy earns big bucks to support family by cross-dressing as girl on Instagram

Enough to purchase a nice house for his parents.

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Cute Japanese model dons fluffy Eevee costume, catches fans’ hearts without a single Poké Ball

What do you get when you combine a beloved celebrity with a beloved Pokémon? Adoring fans of both!

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World’s largest toilet manufacturer lets you assemble your very own miniature paper toilet

Got some time to kill? Why not craft a cute little paper loo?

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Fashion model Yutaro trolls online shoppers in funny April Fools’ Day cosmetics prank

If you guessed the prank is that the model in this picture is actually a man, he makes no secret about that, and the real trick is something else.

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It’s selfie time! Mr. Sato wins our hearts with Instagram poses popular among Japanese women

Our crack reporter gained a handful of fans for his efforts, might have driven away more.

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Taiwanese food stall becomes Internet sensation after hiring sexy model to boost sales

Tons of customers queued in line for a chance to see the “Braised Sister” up close.

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Meow! Japanese Internet comes together to appreciate “artfully” posed nude cat photos

At long last, photogenic kitty pics that are SFW.

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Malaysian man pays over US$46,000 to look like Final Fantasy’s Squall Leonhart【Photos】

A shed-load of plastic surgery and cosmetic products later, the model looks (a bit) like his Final Fantasy VIII video game mercenary inspiration.

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This Japanese race queen is really an elementary school student

The 13-year-old schoolgirl has fired up debate about young girls in the modelling industry.

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Unfortunately, some clothing items seem to have mysteriously gone missing.

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“Animals as Art” releases incredibly realistic, life-size polar bear figures 【Pics and Video】

Trick your friends into thinking that you own an actual polar bear, all while supporting WWF.

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Taiwan noodle shop’s popularity skyrockets and it’s not because of the noodles

Apparently the old adage that sex sells even applies to beef noodle restaurants.

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Create your own Millennium Falcon with this incredible weekly build-it-yourself model kit!

A little while ago, we reported on the moving, life-size R2-D2 refrigerator, which we thought was pretty darn cool. And now, it looks like we’ve found another amazing Star Wars item that’s sure to make fans’ mouths water. It’s a 1/43-scale model of the iconic Millennium Falcon, and the detail is unbelievable!

This impressive Star Wars collector’s item is actually a huge project to undertake, as you’ll be building it yourself with the parts made available in weekly installments from Japanese publisher DeAGOSTINI, known for their wide range of serial collectible magazines.  And just how big an undertaking is this Millennium Falcon series meant to be? Well, you’ll want to be prepared for some long-term commitment, because it’ll take you about two years to complete!

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Catalogue featuring only “ugly” hair models helps us feel less awkward at the salon

Hands up everyone who hates getting a hair cut! The awkward small talk; the staring at your own mush in a mirror for an hour or more; feeling the need to pretend you love your finished cut even when you’re actually going to put a hat on the second you leave the salon—it’s all too much to bear sometimes.

While some people manage to have fun at the salon, others find it difficult simply communicating to their stylist the look they want. Sure, you could just take a cutout from a magazine with you, but what if the person in the photo is so much better-looking than you are? Cringe!

Luckily, the “Busa hair” (lit. “ugly hair”) catalogue—which features only less-than-good-looking hair models—is here to save you some embarrassment the next time you go for a trim!

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Thai-American model born without legs smashes beauty standards: “I don’t need legs to feel sexy.”

Different cultures may have different beauty standards, but one beauty requirement that was thought to be universal in the world of modelling is having a set of long, shapely legs.

But now even that idea is being challenged. Thai-born model Kanya Sesser was born without legs, but she hasn’t let that hold her back. She currently works as a lingerie model, and she’s transforming people’s notions about what it means to be “beautiful” all over the world.

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If he’s too hot, then he must be a girl! Japanese women smitten with “hot-guy girl” model

Every once in a while, we touch upon the topic of crossdressing, and more often than not, the attention is placed on men crossdressing as women. Iconic male crossdressers such as Ladybeard and the “Sailor Suit Old Man” have been steadily gaining popularity, but at the same time, women who crossdress as men have also been bringing a new breeze into the entertainment scene in Japan.

Female crossdressing model Root has been the talk of the town in recent months, capturing the hearts of thousands of fangirls with her good looks and smooth moves. Some even think that she’s more desirable than actual male idols! More pictures of the lady charmer after the break!

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