snoopy with house

Now, if Hello Kitty is a candidate for the most famous cat (or cat character … if that’s more accurate) in the world, then we have to say Snoopy certainly has as good a claim as any character out there to the title of world’s most famous dog. And as befits an international canine celebrity, we all know that the lovable beagle has been involved in his share of collaborations. But this Snoopy product, which one of the reporters at our sister site Pouch found, is so unique and utterly adorable that we just couldn’t bear not sharing it with you! It’s the limited edition AQUA Snoopy Robot Cleaner and  Snoopy Doghouse Set, and it’s even smart enough to go back to the doghouse once it finishes cleaning. How cool is that?

snoopy bot

The set, which will be released from home electronics maker Haier, is a limited edition piece because only 600 of these Snoopy robot cleaners will be sold with the bright red doghouse. And that doghouse isn’t just a pretty decorative ornament!

snoopy house

What makes the set so irresistibly cute is that you can attach the doghouse to the power adapter, and because the cleaner is programmed to automatically return to the  adapter when it starts to run low on battery, it actually looks like the cleaner is obediently going home once it’s done with the cleaning. You’ll almost want to say “Good boy!” to it, even if it is just a robot.

And it’s not just a gadget with a pretty face, but a reliable cleaner too. It runs without making too much noise, and its uniquely shaped side brushes will make sure even the dust and rubbish from all the sides and corners are picked up. It also comes equipped with 10 different sensors for avoiding obstacles, as well as washable HEPA filters for stronger and cleaner vacuuming.

▼The robot cleaner apparently has no problem climbing over regular carpet edges while busy keeping your floors spick and span.snoopy bot moving