Levi has never been one to mince words or tolerate dirt.

Survey Corps captain Levi is Attack on Titan’s most popular character by far, and he’s known for both his brutal efficiency in killing Titans and his strong hatred of unclean living spaces. That first trait may not be directly useful for those of us in the real world, where we’re not threatened by naked, man-eating giants, but Levi’s neat-freak tendencies are here to help lend a hand with fighting against the more familiar foe of dirty floors.

Robot vacuum cleaner line Roborock has just added a new model to its lineup. Dubbed the Roborock S6 Pure Attack on Titan Captain Levi Voice Model, the lengthy name is admirably thorough in letting you know what you get: a version of the Roborock S6 Pure model upgraded with voice samples from Levi’s anime voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya. In total, the cleaning robo has 104 lines of dialogue from the coolly confident Levi, such as:

“Commencing cleaning of the area. I will stake my life on wiping out every speck of dust from this shitty room.”
“Suspending cleaning. Well, if that’s what you want…just make sure you won’t regret that choice later.”
“Cleaning completed. Do you see now? This is what real cleaning is.”

The machine also comes with an illustrated booklet listing all 104 voice samples, if you want a sneak peek at what vacuum Levi might have to say to you.

The Roborock S6 Pure Attack on Titan Captain Levi Voice Model is being offered exclusively through Hikari TV Shopping, which, counterintuitively, has an online store. Priced at 69,800 yen (US$674), this is far beyond the impulse-buy price point of capsule toy trinkets, but the sticker shock is softened when you keep in mind that this is a high-tech cleaning robot and the standard, non-talking S6 Pure goes for 57,800 yen.

Pre-orders are open now here, with shipping scheduled for early June. And if you need some Levi in your life while you’re waiting, the life-size statue of the character, along with some gigantic Titans, are still hanging out in a Japanese shopping mall.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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