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Exactly 40 years ago today, on November 1, a very special mascot character was born. The cat with an adorable oversized head, named Hello Kitty, has since been an excellent ambassador for the Japanese “Kawaii” culture, and as we all know, has come to be loved around the world. And in honor of what can arguably be called Japan’s most famous export ever, we wanted to wish Hello Kitty a heartfelt Happy Birthday on this special day. Plus, we even have a delightful little video from Sanrio to share with you that takes you through 40 years of Hello Kitty’s history! 

As you may well be aware, we’ve featured Hello Kitty on our site countless times, and we never cease to be  amazed at her popularity and versatility as well as her business acumen. For now, we’re just sincerely happy to be able to congratulate her for four decades of cuteness.

▼This is what Hello Kitty looked liked when she first appeared 40 years ago!

HK 1974

▼Since then, we’ve  also seen her together with her family.
HK 1975

▼We’ve certainly seen her in various costumes and roles over the years, but this is one of the looks she went for in her 40th anniversary promotion.
HK 2004

▼And here’s the video from Sanrio showing Hello Kitty’s looks during her 40 year career.

So, once again from all of us at RocketNews24, a happy 40th birthday, Hello Kitty! And we love you regardless of whether you’re a cat or not!

Top Image: Sanrio Twitter account
Inset Images: YouTube (sanriojapan)