Who knew that Hello Kitty could stay so cute at 45 years old?

You may have thought the Hello Kitty Shinkansen was a big deal, but 2019 is going to be an even bigger deal. Why, you ask? 2019 is the year that Sanrio celebrates the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty’s creation!

That being said, though, Sanrio couldn’t wait all the way until January to unleash this cuteness. On October 31st, Sanrio is rolling out their Hello Kitty Action Retouch Design Series of merchandise, consisting of items that are retouched versions of some of the earliest Hello Kitty swag, released in the 1970s. They feature classic designs in a chic palette of red, white, and black.

The Hello Kitty Action Retouch Design Series will be available at Sanrio Stores and Corners throughout Japan, as well as the Sanrio Online Shop. Items will range from 378 yen (US$3.40) to 5,184 yen.

▼ Seen at the bottom is a mini wallet (3,456 yen) that was modeled after the very first piece of Hello Kitty goodness ever released: a mini vinyl purse. Vintage, darling!

▼ This multi-color Boston handbag was remodeled into a one-tone, more contemporary two-way bag (5,184 yen). In addition to a hand strap, it also has a shoulder strap.

▼ And here’s something that definitely didn’t exist in the 1970s but still has a super cute and nostalgic design: an iPhone 7/8 case (3,024 yen). It comes with a handle, so you can give the optical illusion that you have an ultra tiny purse!

▼ Also in the lineup are items such as hoodies, clear files, and key chains. You ‘ll probably notice a pattern with the vintage camera, scissors, and pen logos.

As you can see, the Retouch Design Series is just about contemporary functionality for today’s fashionistas as it is about the nostalgia factor. If this is just the first step of Hello Kitty’s 45th birthday bash, we’re not sure if we can handle how cute the rest of it will be!

Sources: Japaaan Magazine, Sanrio Online Shop
Images: PR Times