Hello Kitty

New gift shop featuring giant Hello Kitty storefront to open in Asakusa this spring

Sanrio’s new shop scheduled to open in Asakusa this coming April should be a Hello Kitty fan’s idea of heaven.

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We’re not sure who the intended market was for this crazy Hello Kitty toy, but we love it anyway

It’s like a fidget spinner, but amped up by about 1,000 percent.

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Hello Kitty lovestruck by American singer and YouTuber Austin Mahone in Tokyo

Hello Kitty falls a little bit in love with her “YouTube senpai” Austin Mahone.

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Fluffy Hello Kitty complimentary cup sleeves lead promotional Kitty lineup at Lawson

Cafe Lattes served in fluffy cup holders, sweet steamed Kitty head buns, and a special lunch are all on the menu at Lawson.

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Hello Kitty gets a new job — this time appearing on Converse sneakers!

Only cute and good things can come out of a collaboration between the world’s busiest cat and international sneaker brand Converse

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JR West teams up with Hello Kitty to clad its Kansai Special Rapid train in kawaii decals

Ride from Kansai Airport to Kyoto in a colorful Kitty train cabin!

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Wait…Hello Kitty has a twin sister?!?!?

You’re not seeing double! The Sanrio icon really does have a twin sibling, though she’s very different from her world-famous sister.

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Hershey’s Kisses teams up with Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll for a cute chocolate collaboration

All you need is kisses…and a couple of adorable Sanrio characters!

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Hello Kitty visits SoraNews24 HQ! Traditional Mongolian wrestling starts four seconds later

She may not have started it, but she sure as heck ended it.

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Hello Kitty’s Retouch Design Series pumps up the 1970’s nostalgia


Who knew that Hello Kitty could stay so cute at 45 years old?

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SoraNews24 hits Tokyo’s biggest Halloween party dressed as one of Japan’s most popular characters

Mr. Sato takes our team to Shibuya’s Halloween bash, but not before setting us up with coordinated kawaii costumes.

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DJ Hello Kitty drops the beat and F-bombs at all-night Sanrio Puroland Halloween event【Video】

“Motherf#%$ers, go!”

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Hello Kitty’s hilariously meta YouTube debut is a hit with netizens, earns likes and subscribers

Sanrio’s star has turned to vlogging, and Japanese social media appreciates her blunt truths and eternal grade-schooler optimism.

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Hello Kitty adds Japanese exorcism to her work repertoire, Twitter baffled and amused

Is there anything Kitty can’t do? She can spiritually purify your house or room with salt now, so tell your ghost stories without fear of retribution!
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Hello Kitty Shinkansen Cafe: A delicious stop on the most kawaii bullet train in Japan

Get on board with the country’s cutest Shinkansen at its official limited-time cafe.

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Sanrio’s President reveals why Hello Kitty teams up with so many different brands

And it’s not just to boost Hello Kitty’s sales.

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Japanese Coast Guard mascot Umimaru turns 20, lends rank to Hello Kitty for cute merchandise

Japan’s Coast Guard has been around for 70 years, and mascot Umimaru for 20 – so it’s high time for a Hello Kitty teamup!

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Hello Kitty Shinkansen looks set to be cutest Japanese train ever with special kawaii interiors

JR West has finally revealed what the new bullet train will look like inside. 

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Ready, set… woomy! Sanrio new character collaboration poll starts, featuring Splatoon 2 and more

Hello Kitty’s home company is running its yearly poll to decide which out-of-company character will get their own event at the Puroland theme park.
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Who killed Hello Kitty…?! Sanrio’s Puroland wreaks gory havoc with zombies, ghoulish cuisine

The newest instalment of Sanrio’s yearly horror night has a special twist, and covering your eyes won’t help you!

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