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As an adult, I never really find myself attached to one particular hairstyle. Every time I get a cut, that’s a one or two-month commitment at best before I get to change it around all over again. But for kids, the barber can apparently be a pretty harrowing experience. After all, especially for younger kids, they’ve been rocking the same ‘do for almost their entire lives. Also, it probably takes some learning to overcome the instinctual aversion to sharp objects being brandished near your face.

Not that I have kids or anything, but I’ve heard taking them to the hair salon can be… let’s just say a bit of a handful.

That’s why many Japanese salons have decided to go the extra mile and give kids the VIP treatment:

As you can see, a lot of this stuff revolves around letting kids sits in chairs that look like their favorite cartoon characters or motor vehicles, but there’s more too. Japanese Twitter and Instagram users also speak of salons that allow kids to watch TV or their favorite anime DVDs while getting a cut, which apparently helps calm the kids’ nerves as well as keeping them still.

But, come on, it’s the Anpanman race car chair that’s mostly to thank…

Pokémon, in a fire truck? What’s not to love?

▼ I’m not sure whether this would keep me still or get more more excited.

▼ Pick a plastic animal, any plastic animal.

▼ Who among us hasn’t had their hair cut while riding on the back of a flying, anthropomorphized germ?

Now if only they had something for us grown-ups…

Source: Matome Naver
Feature photo: @harunamomo