New dream still has plenty of fantasy to it, though.

When asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, a lot of Japanese boys will answer with “soccer player.” It’s arguably the most popular sport in Japan, and the idea of getting paid to run around and play a game is obviously going to be appealing to kids.

Still, when Japanese Twitter user Kosuke Sawa’s (@kosukesa) seven-year-old son wrote “I want to become a soccer player” as his wish for a school assignment for Japan’s Tanabata festival, Sawa wondered how strong his resolve actually was. “Is that really what you want to be?” he asked, to which the kid replied “Not really. At first I wrote ‘I want to become a dragon,’ but the teacher told me to change it to something else.”

Sawa, though, who’s a psychology professor by trade, didn’t think any correction was necessary, and in support of his son’s free-thinking tendencies, tweeted:

“Dad is rooting for you to become a dragon.”

It’s a sweet show of support, and likely born out of the logical conclusion that if a kid is still young enough that he wants to be a dragon, he’s probably also several years away from having to decide on a career, and still has plenty of time before he needs to start weighing more realistic options.

Tanabata takes place in July, and sure enough, several months later the boy, who’s now eight, has moved on to a more feasible career goal…well, sort of, anyway, as Sawa reports in a more recent tweet.

Son: “I’ve decided what my goal for my future is.”
Sawa: “So you’re not going to become a dragon?”
Son: “I’m going to become a pharmacist.”

▼ A lot less scaly than his original choice.

That’s a dream both admirable and practical, right? However, Sawa’s son going on to say “I want to make medicine that will make everyone happy” might have triggered some parental concern, since there’s a big difference between being a legitimate medial professional and cooking up recreational drugs. “And what kind of medicine makes people happy?” Sawa asked, to which his son answered:

“Medicine that raises their defense stat and stuff.”

Yep, it seems that Sawa’s son isn’t planning to emulate the casts of Breaking Bad and Narcos so much as the ones of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. “Ah, so now he’s going to fight against the dragon,” mused Sawa, and online commenters chimed in with:

“Buffs are important in life.”
“The poor dragon.”
“I think your son will one day be the bearer of a magic crystal.”
“It’s really sophisticated how he wants to have a role where he supports other people.”
“It might not be the exact kind of medicine he’s imagining, but if he becomes a doctor he could work with medicines that boost the immune system.”
“I bet this kid will go on to develop a new vaccine.”

Of course, being only eight means Sawa’s son may very well change his mind again before he has to take any significant steps towards his new ambition. Still, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big when you’re a kid, and no doubt his dad will be watching with loving care if and when it’s time to start turning his fantasies into reality.

Source: Twitter/@kosukesa via IT Media
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