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On November 18, Asahi released its new Fuji-san Vanadium Natural Water Hot, apparently banking on the idea that regular convenience store-going human beings would both a) know what Vanadium is, and b) actually want to consume just plain hot water out of a bottle.

Personally speaking, if someone were to present a drink to us and say, “Here, try it. It’s got Vanadium,” we’d either run out the door or prepare ourselves for a hallucinogenic thrill ride after consuming the mystery beverage.

After a little research, though, it turns out Vanadium is a mineral commonly present in very low quantities in many foods and drinks.


If you’re curious about what a drink spiked with Vanadium tastes like, or curious what kind of looks you’ll get drinking hot water out of a little plastic bottle in public, you can find this drink at convenience stores across Japan (except Okinawa) for 105 yen (US$0.89).

We have no idea how Japanese drink giant Asahi or the public at large got the idea that, apparently through sheer virtue of being a mineral, that Vanadium is good for you, but be warned that, across the pond, The International Agency for Research on Cancer has determined that Vanadium may be carcinogenic in high quantities. And, the Environmental Protection Agency has indicated that long-term exposure to Vanadium may have negative health effects.


Source: Asahi Shimbun
Photo: Asahi Beverages