Flight out of Narita Airport delayed because of a turtle on the runway

I’m really liking this Die Hard II remake.

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Lone slug disables 26 trains in Kyushu for one hour

It would probably be feeling pretty good about itself right now if it hadn’t died in the process.

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22 February turned out to be a bad day for Tokyo train commuters, as freak delays showed

Netizens collectively facepalm and shake their heads after finding out the root of the problem.

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Tokyo train delayed due to the strangest of reasons

The JR East Musashino Line sure has an impressive track record when it comes to trains being delayed due to unusual circumstances. And after a most bizarre early morning collision on Friday last week, the rail line can add another reason to that list. 

Although the details of the incident are still murky, one thing is for certain–no one ever expected this to happen in the middle of Tokyo!

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Sony explains decision to delay PlayStation 4 in its homeland, Japanese gamers not happy

It’s been two days since Sony delivered the shocking news that its newest console, PlayStation 4, won’t be launching in Japan until February 2014, despite the fact that it will go on sale in America, Europe and Australia this November. Now that the dust has settled and Sony has had chance to make some further clarifying statements via press releases and on its PlayStation Blog, Japan’s gamers have a much better idea of what to expect when the console eventually rolls out in its homeland.

Sony’s main reason for delaying the highly anticipated console, it maintains, is in order to provide a stronger software lineup when it eventually launches. Comments from Japanese gamers, however, suggest that they are neither convinced that this is the real reason for the delay, nor especially happy about being sent to the back of the queue.

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How a Train Delay Led to a Blind Lady Getting Yelled At: A Cautionary Tale for the Transportation Industry

You would think any transportation business would realize that in the event of a massive delay, a steady flow of information to the passengers is crucial.

Still, places like Kunming Changshui International Airport in China and more recently Keihan Electric Railway in Japan continue to leave their customers stranded without a clue about what’s happening with disastrous results.

On 24 March, Keihan Electric Railway experienced a massive loss of power along the entire Main Line running between Osaka and Kyoto. The hour-and-a-half delay ruined many people’s days and resulted in a tongue lashing for one blind lady.

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Studio Ghibli’s Next Movie Delayed 【News Bite】

Kaguya Hime no Monogatari, the forthcoming title from Japanese animation giant Studio Ghibli, has been delayed until autumn this year, it was announced earlier today.

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Fog Delay Causes Chinese Airport to Gradually Slip into Anarchy

Any frequent traveler has no doubt had their share of flight delays, be it due to mechanical errors or weather conditions.  It certainly sucks, but it’s not the end of the world.

However, an extremely long delay coupled with poor communication between China’s Kunming Changshui International Airport staff and their customers put thousands of angry passengers on the brink of full-scale rioting.

According to reports from Chinese media, the civil order steadily began to deteriorate as if the airport bar was manned by that ghost from The Shining serving up glasses of madness to all his customers.

It all began on January 3…

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