Eat like a treacherous samurai! Kyoto restaurant recreates a real-life warlord’s favorite food

Genuine samurai chow served in an actual samurai home.

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Black Eggs and Ham, in Japan they am

Would you, could you eat these eggs from Owakudani?

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Security cameras capture wild boar’s intense rampage inside Korean restaurant【Video】

While the concept of a wild pig going crazy in a restaurant sounds like a fun time, this video shows how harrowing it can actually be.

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Tokyo train delayed due to the strangest of reasons

The JR East Musashino Line sure has an impressive track record when it comes to trains being delayed due to unusual circumstances. And after a most bizarre early morning collision on Friday last week, the rail line can add another reason to that list. 

Although the details of the incident are still murky, one thing is for certain–no one ever expected this to happen in the middle of Tokyo!

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Okayama students! Ready yer breakfast and eat hearty, Fer lunch ye dine upon wild boar and deer!

In an unprecedented piece of school lunch policy for Japan, four schools in Mimasaka, Okayama are serving soups containing wild boar and deer as a part of their lunch program. It would seem the scheme is intended to both teach children about local food sources and decrease a “nuisance” to the local environment.

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