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With Japanese housing being as cramped as it is, designating a whole room as a man cave, reading nook, sewing room, or any other sort of area solely dedicated to your hobbies and passions is an unattainable luxury for many people. That’s why earlier this year, we took a look at the Kakureya, an enclosed capsule where you could have a little private me time as you watch movies, listen to music, or relax with some aroma therapy, among other suggestions from the manufacturer.

After all the attention the initial model received, it’s now time for a follow-up, with the Kakureya II, an improved version that offers even more creature comfort at a price about half that of the original.

Like its predecessor, the seatback of the Kakureya II is attached to the unit’s fourth wall. Sit down, slide in, and bask in your newfound privacy, unworried about whether or not your family members are giving the exterior puzzled and/dirty looks.

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Inside, you’ll find a pull-out keyboard desk and drawers, the first building blocks of setting up your work or leisure space.

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Unlike the old version, which retailed for 798,000 yen (US $6,940), the Kakureya II is priced at 398,000 yen ($3,373), and can be ordered here from online furniture store Cozy Room.

Despite being roughly half the price, the new model actually boasts a couple of improvements. For one thing, the seat reclines, and with four possible settings between 102 and 120 degrees, designers claim you’ll be able to find the appropriate posture for working or relaxing.

▼ “Ahh, five o’clock! Time to tilt my chair back 18 degrees as a reward for another day of hard work.”

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The height of the desk can also be adjusted so that it sits 620, 650, or 680 millimeters (24, 26, or 27 inches) off the floor. That way not just Mom and Dad, but the kids, too, can make use of the Kakureya II.

▼ Although really, if your kids have such good study skills they can get their homework done even when they know you have absolutely no way of monitoring them, you could probably just give them a desk in the corner of the living room to work at and they’d do fine.

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Inside the unit, there’ s enough space to mount a 32-inch TV screen or PC monitor, meaning that you can watch your DVDs of the Star Wars prequels in peace without the rest of your family constantly trying to convince you that the original trilogy was superior in every way.

▼ After your third glass of Wild Turkey, you won’t even be able to hear them shouting “Practical effects are so much more believable!” outside the shut door of the Kakureya II.

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An opening to run a power cord through comes standard, and you can also add on extra options such as bookcases, AV equipment cupboards, and enclosed cabinets at prices ranging from 9,800-19,800 yen ($83-$168).

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▼ We’re just assuming there’s a slug of bourbon in that mug of coffee, too.

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But the Kakureya II isn’t just for the grossly disparate goals of studying or drinking without anyone peeking over your shoulder. According to its advertisements, it’s also a great place to quietly enjoy a novel or take a nap where no one will bother you.

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Of course, that’s partly because it allows you to take a nap where no one can find you. Since you won’t be able to count on relatives or roommates waking you up, once you’ve moved in your textbooks, Gundam models, and a few cases of hard liquor, we’d recommend sticking an alarm clock in there too, just to be on the safe side.

Source: Inside Games, Jin
Images: Cozy Room