When life gives you lemons and you just need to escape for a bit, it can be hard to find somewhere to be alone if you’re constantly surrounded by people. But you’ll never find yourself in that situation again, thanks to a cool furniture-on-steroids invention on the market now.

Introducing the KAKUREYA, your very own private space that resembles the fusion between an internet cafe and a futuristic space pod. In fact, based on these pictures we’d have to say that the sensation of being inside it must be similar to what it feels like inside of a Gundam cockpit.

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The name “KAKUREYA” is a cross between the Japanese words kakureru (“to hide”) and heya (“room”), so it’s perfect for those people who need to hide from annoying siblings or noisy roommates, de-stress in a relaxing environment, or play League of Legends to their heart’s content with no external distractions.

The unit features everything you need to immerse yourself in a relaxing space. Snug and cozy, it has just enough room to slide yourself in using the retractable door. It has ample shelf space to store your favorite snacks, and you can even place your computer’s keyboard in a pull-out drawer under the desk.

▼Just sit down, roll in, and a fun time awaits!


▼Dimensions: Width: 120 cm (47 inches); Length: 125-205 cm (49-81 inches), depending on whether the door is shut or not; Height: 150 cm (59 inches)



Just look at all the things you can do in your own private space!

▼Relax with your favorite fragrance and soothing music.


▼Avoid all outside distractions while doing some solitary work.


▼Hang a monitor on the wall to enjoy movies or video games. What better way to say TGIF than to have a drink while watching Jedi knights duke it out?


▼Look, the owner of this KAKUREYA has even displayed his prized Gundam figure collection inside!


▼It also comes with an eco-friendly LED light to save your strained eyes from further stress.


▼This fellow keeps his KAKUREYA in his garage along with his motorcycles.


Here’s a YouTube clip of some people trying the KAKUREYA out for themselves:

So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to COZY ROOM and order your very own KAKUREYA today! Oh, you’ll probably be wanting to know the price. Thankfully, this awesome invention will only set you back…798,000 yen (US$7,827)?!!

Yikes! With that kind of cash, you could probably just buy your own permanent cubicle at the local internet cafe. The rest of us poor folk will have to settle for this cheaper version.

And we always wanted to know what it felt like to be Gundam pilots, too…

Sources: COZY ROOM via Hachima Kiko
Images: Hachima Kiko, danbocchi