Withdraw from human society in just 30 seconds with the latest offering from one of Japan’s craziest companies.

Japan’s Bibi Lab is a company that’s often called “crazy,” but there’s always a method to their madness. Sure, you might get a few strange looks rolling around a suitcase with a desk attached to it or wearing a full-body anti-mosquito jumpsuit, but as long as you’re not the self-conscious type, there’s no denying that those products will help you stay productive on the go and prevent bug bites.

As so Bibi Lab is back again with another cocktail of weird practicality: a tent to be used indoors to give yourself a completely private computer room, or a secret fort, if you’ve got a flair for the dramatic.

▼ The entrance flap opens from the bottom, so that you can leave it partially zipped but still keep your eyes out of the line of sight of passersby.

What you see here is called the Bocchi Tent (“bocchi” being a Japanese slang term for “all alone” that’s popular among the otaku and online communities). While this isn’t the first “room in a room” that’s been offered for sale in Japan, most alternatives are wood or metal constructions which cost more than 10 times that of the cloth Bocchi Tent, which sells for just 10,346 yen (US$94).

Another thing the Bocchi Tent has going for it: it folds open or shut in just seconds, meaning that you can easily store it away when you’re ready to emerge from the tent and rejoin human society.

Designed for maximum privacy, the Bocchi Tent also has ventilation in mind, with a number of mesh openings in the walls and a ceiling that zips open.

Zip all of those closed, though, and the Bocchi’s Tent’s manufacturers claim it will block outside light completely, with zero lux of outside light sources making their way through the enclosure’s black material.

As such, the Bocchi Tent makes a great isolation chamber in which to catch a nap, or to enjoy Internet browsing or computer gaming away from prying eyes (or, we suppose, to spend some quality time with your Cotton Wife or Cotton Husband, also available from Bibi Lab). But the Bocchi Tent also has applications beyond solitary and/or scandalous leisure. Bibi Lab also recommends using it as a study space.

Finished with your education? The Bocchi Tent’s pitch blackness also makes it an ideal environment for doing color-related design work…

…or, the manufacturers suggest, scientific research.

▼ We’re guessing that, in this case, the idea is to use the tent to stake out some private space in a lab, not in your living room.

The Bocchi Tent can be ordered here from Amazon Japan. Two sizes are available, one with a width of 110 centimeters (43.3 inches) and a larger 130-centimeter model. Despite their differing sizes, they sell for an identical 10,346 yen each, because apparently when it comes to Bibi Lab, even the pricing is a little crazy.

Source: Bauhutte via IT Media
Images: Bauhette