We all know that KFC is a big, big deal in Japan around Christmas-time. Families order huge Christmas platters for the holiday and singles celebrate by inviting friends over and bringing home a bucket of Special Recipe.

While it may strike Westerners as a delightfully quirky example of holidays getting lost in translation this side of the Pacific, to the Japanese, it’s a cherished tradition. And, of course, a multi-million dollar cash cow for KFC; one that convenience store chains are always eager to get a piece of.


Ubiquitous chain Family Mart thinks it may have struck pay dirt this holiday season with its own premium chicken packages for couples.

See, if you’re not having a singles party or a big family Christmas get-together, you’re probably spending the holiday with your significant other in Japan. This might typically include reservations for a fancy dinner and a walk around downtown to look at the (stunning) Christmas light “illumination” displays.

And now Family Mart is hoping couples will include “stuffing your face with heart-shaped chicken wings from the convenience store” part of their new Christmas date night tradition. We assume they’re also hoping couples will be too caught up in the Christmas spirit to think about the fact that chicken wings never really look like perfect cartoon hearts.

chicken2 chicken3

So, is Famima just cherry picking the most coincidentally heart-shaped wing cuts (there’s apparently a limited number on sale), or is there some nefarious genetic modification going on at Family Mart’s version of Santa’s workshop?

For just 205 yen (US$1.72), you can grab a piece for you and your loved one and judge for yourselves. Or, if the heart-shaped wing is too disconcerting for you, you can go for the equally-priced piece of greasy convenience store chicken thigh to enjoy with your loved one in front of the fire. Ah, to be young and in love around Christmas time in Japan.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Photos: Family Mart press release