Coupy heater top

We may be in the dead of winter here in Japan, but no one wants to be left shivering with cold, right? Well, you can always buy a heater to solve that problem, which is what many people in Japan do, especially if they don’t want to freeze in the bathroom on a cold winter morning before getting into the shower (or bath), as most homes here don’t have central heating. Unfortunately, heaters can take up space, and they usually don’t make for attractive home decor. But, if you’re having second thoughts about purchasing a heater for those reasons, then this carbon heater may be the perfect product for you! Who would have thought that a simple heater could be … well, so darn cute?

Japanese Electronics maker and supplier Koizumi Seiki has collaborated with an unlikely partner, major art and color tool manufacturer Sakura Color Products to come out with what may quite possibly be the most adorable looking heater on the market. What makes it so special? Well, the heater is made in the distinctive shape of a Coupy Pencil, a soft drawing tool produced by Sakura Color Products that can be described as a cross between a crayon and a coloring pencil. Many Japanese kids grow up drawing and coloring with these Coupy Pencils, so the design also has a kind of nostalgic appeal as well.

Visually, the heater really does look like a Coupy Pencil, and it’s not bulky at all, measuring at 250mm(w) x 250mm(d) x 636mm(h) (approx 10in x 10in x 25in). It is shaped quite tall and thin, but in case you’re concerned that it may tip over easily, it’s apparently built with quite a sturdy base, and even if it does fall over in an accident or earthquake, you don’t have to worry, as the heater is programmed to shut off automatically.

The heaters are available from several online sites including Amazon Japan, Yahoo! Shopping and Rakuten Ichiba at prices roughly around 5,000yen (US$48). You can choose from the five pretty pastel colors shown below– blue, light green, violet, pink and white — so you’re more than likely to find a color that matches your room.

Coupy heater colors 2

So, what do you think of this pop and stylish source of warmth and heat? It’s not everyday that you find a heater that you would want to display for everyone to see, after all. The weather outside may be bitterly cold, but it’s certainly a relief to know that there’s such a cute way to keep warm!

Original article by Chie Nomura
Source: Koizumi Seiki website
Inset photo: Rakuten Ichiba 
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