Chilly glares during chilly weather in an attempt to establish who’s really in charge.

Whether because of a lack of central heating or simply a desire to conserve electricity, when the weather gets cold in Japan people who’re relaxing at home often use a space heater to warm up their surroundings. Of course, anything that makes human residents feel nice and toasty can do the same for their animal companions, and we’ve seen multiple species park themselves in front of their owners’ space heater to soak up the warmth.

Cats, in particular, seem to have a penchant for doing this, either because they appreciate the little luxuries in life or because they simply assume every item in the visible vicinity belongs to them. Apparently the two kitties owned by Japanese Twitter user @W17Td spent many a day last winter in front of his space heater, so when a cold snap visited Japan earlier this week, they immediately took up positions in front of its halogen heat sources.

There was just one problem.

“Um, sorry. I wasn’t planning on turning that on until next month.”

@W17Td makes a point of not running his room heater until November, as you can tell from the unoccupied electrical wall outlet in the photo. His cats, not really understanding why this magical box that radiated warmth all through last winter is now doing absolutely nothing, decided to deal with the issue using the only recourse available to them: intense feline stink eye.

Hang in there, little guys. We’d tell you to watch carefully when @W17Td finally does plug the heater in, but without opposable thumbs you probably can’t duplicate the process, so just keep staring at him icily until you break his will.

Source: Twitter/@W17Td

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