Fight the cold with the help of some furry friends.

It’s cold this winter. So cold, in fact, that Tokyo had its heaviest snowfall in four years. So when you have to go out in the bitter freezing weather to get to work, school, or to make Pokémon snow-sculptures, you want to make sure you’re staying warm.

And what better way to stay warm than by covering yourself in a variety of animals?

That’s what Japanese novelty-dealer Village Vanguard is suggesting we do, with their recent lineup of “body warmer” animals.

▼ They come in a variety of species,
ranging from panda and sloth…

▼ …to rabbits and even chinchillas.

▼ And there’s no limit to how many you can wear together!
This isn’t even their final form!

While Village Vanguard is a bit lacking on the specific details of exactly how warm these “body warmer” animals will keep you, the fact of the matter is this: if you’re still cold after putting them on, you can always just put on more, so they’re basically guaranteed to keep you cozy at any temperature… theoretically.

While only the bravest would venture on their daily commute covered in sloths and chinchillas, the body warmers actually look perfect for lounging around at home, especially when trying to keep the thermostat down to save on your energy bill. Or, if you work at an office that’s trying to save on its energy bill, slapping some rabbits on your hands might help keep your frigid fingers warm enough to type.

▼ The sea otter sleeve-grabbers are adorable,
and their feet and legs fasten together so they don’t slip off.

▼ The koala “back warmer” can also be
used as a scarf if you turn it sideways. Now that’s versatile!

▼ And the bear one can almost pass for a socially-acceptable vest!
Plus throw it down in front of your fireplace at home for a quick and easy bear rug.

If you’re interested in getting some “body warmer” animals of your own, then check out Village Vanguard’s online shop. Prices range from 1,620 yen (US$15) for the smaller ones to 5,400 yen ($50) for the bigger ones.

Ironically, they’ll probably keep you a lot warmer than the “sweaters” that Village Vanguard has for sale….

Source, images: Village Vanguard Online Store
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