Studio Ghibli fan and Part-time artist Hannah Alexander created this dazzling Art Nouveau version of Princess Mononoke from Hayao Miyazaki’s classic animated film.

Even if you’ve never heard of artist Alphonso Mucha, you’ve almost certainly seen his distinctive work.

Mucha was a star of the Art Nouveau era, responsible for many of the advertising posters and other decorative art works that defined the period. More than a handful of his works live on as prime examples of the art style of the very early 1900s, with their distinctive curves that render the works both wispy and angular at once, almost like stained glass.

It’s no surprise that Mucha’s unique style is studied in fine art schools the world over and continues to have a huge impact on modern artistic works, including fan art… such as this awesome Art Nouveau-ified Princess Mononoke from fan artist Hannah Alexander!


Alexander’s Mucha-inspired art was already pretty well-known on the DeviantArt-y-er corners of the Internet, thanks to a series she did of Mucha-style Disney princesses a while back. But it looks like the talented artist, who has a passion, it seems, for Ghibli films, decided to expand the series to cover the titular character from Miyazaki’s renowned animated outing.

One of Mucha’s originals, for comparison


Alexander’s work does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of Mucha’s art without looking or feeling like a direct ripoff. Interestingly, the Art Nouveau Princess Mononoke brings things full circle, in a way, as, apparently, the original Art Nouveau style was itself heavily inspired by Japanese woodblock painting!

According to Ms. Alexander’s Facebook page, the Princess Mononoke work is available for order as a print over on her Etsy page.

Source: Artist Database
Feature Image: Hannah Alexander
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