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As two of Japan’s most well-known cultural ambassadors, it’s about time that the worlds of Pikachu and Godzilla collide. And we found some fake movies posters that do just that by combining the imagery of Japanese kaiju movie monsters with six classic pokémon. Click below to see Pikachu and five of his friends destroying cities, crushing buildings and causing quite a mess.

While Pikachu and his Pokémon crew might be some of the cutest video game characters around, the online gift and clothing retailer Fun.com recently made these six posters reimagining the cuddly creatures as gigantic and frightening kajiu. The pokémon channel legendary kaiju monsters, such as Godzilla and Mothra, to show off their frightening side as they apparently try out for the new Japan-made Godzilla movie.

Full of electricity, rage and an all-around bad attitude, Pikachuzilla picks up train cars like they weigh nothing and causes havoc on everyone’s morning commute.

2014.12.12 pokemon 6Image: Fun.com

Butterfree is serving straight-up Mothra realness as his now football field-sized wings block out the sun and sprinkle toxic dust on innocent citizens below.

2014.12.12 pokemon 2Image: Fun.com

Already looking like a moody SOB, kaiju Charizard would have no qualms in turning entire cities to a pile of ash.

2014.12.12 pokemon 1Image: Fun.com

▼ Normal-sized Blastoise maybe would use those fire-fighting-capable water cannons for good, but his kaiju self seems perfectly happy to let the city burn around him.

2014.12.12 pokemon 3Image: Fun.com

Want to take down a three-headed bird the size of a building? Good luck trying to confront the Dodrio that sees every angle and has no blind spot.

2014.12.12 pokemon 4Image: Fun.com

Maybe Grimer is misunderstood and just wants to be loved when his polluted and toxic body kills everything it touches. Unfortunately things won’t get better for him (or the city he eventually destroys) when he’s turned into the size of a kaiju monster.

2014.12.12 pokemon 5Image: Fun.com

Did the kaiju movie posters succeed in making these pokémon a little less charming or are they just too cute? Are there any other pokémon you’d like to see given the kaiju makeover? Let us know in the comments below what you think!

Feature Image: Fun.com
Source: Kotaku Japan