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Just about a month ago, the Japanese Internet got all aflutter over something that’s been coined the “low-cut turtleneck.” If those two terms sound contradictory to you, perhaps you’ll find the term we used, “boob shirt,” to be more descriptive.

But fashion trends don’t last forever, and it seems some designers are already moving on from the original design. While the initial boob shirt provided a window for the top of the bust to peek out of, the newest version spruces up a woman’s breasts by combining it with the other thing the Internet can’t seem to get enough of: cute kitty cats.

Before taking a look at the feline variant, let’s take a few seconds to review the first low-cut turtleneck/look at boobs.

While it’s definitely a sexy style, Japan likes to add a dash of cuteness whenever possible, which is how the phrase erokawaii (literally “erotic and cute”) got started. That said, there isn’t a whole lot of room to work with when altering the boob shirt’s design. Removing the high collar turns it into just a tube top with sleeves. Closing the window makes it a plain old sweater, and opening it up much more quickly approaches the line where it goes from playfully sexy to full-on peep show.

What you can do, though, is add a cute kitty face.

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Just like with the cosplayer who recently recreated Disney’s Big Hero 6 character Baymax with her bust, the cat version low-cut turtleneck uses the contours of the upper body to recreate the soft, rounded features of a cat’s face. We’re not sure if this makes it a more daring or modest choice than the standard boob shirt. Honestly, men’s gazes are drawn to women’s chests often enough under ordinary conditions, so the added incentive of animal companionship is probably going to translate to even more eyes on you. On the other hand, the cat’s ears are solid pieces of fabric, so this new boob shirt is technically less revealing than the non-cat option.

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If you’re interested in adding some feline appeal to your feminine assets, the polyester/cotton blend knit shirts can be ordered here from online retailer Rakuten (you’ll have to scroll way down to the bottom of the page, but trust us, they’re there). They come in white, pink, khaki, and black, and sell for 4,158 yen (US$35). There’s also an additional 1,000-yen ($8.50) shipping charge for the first shirt, but that drops to 300 yen ($2.56) for each additional one, so the most economic choice is to buy a whole litter in bulk, or go in for a group buy with other animal/breast lovers in your circle of friends and associates.

Source: Togech
Images: Rakuten (edited by RocketNews24)