Frequent readers of our site should by now be familiar with Ladybeard, the eccentric jack-of-all-trades whose amusing antics we’ve covered multiple times, and “Sailor Suit Old Man,” the affectionate nickname of an infamous cross-dressing Japanese man.

You may remember the duo’s previous epic collaboration on the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, but for fans of the unusual duo we’ve got good news–the pair have teamed up once again and are ready to share their latest round of funny photos! We proudly present the “Ladybeard x Sailor Suit Old Man dream collaboration at school.”  

The original Japanese net user who uploaded photos from Ladybeard’s outing with Sailor Suit Old Man onto an online forum posted them under the heading “A dream collaboration–female high school students after school.” Imagine the shock of anyone who clicked on that link hoping to see a pair of cute high schoolers, only to find the following series of amusing pictures!

▼”Female students after school!”

▼”Kobayashi-san [Sailor Suit Old Man] studying!”

▼”Kobayashi-san, which do you like better–studying, or me?”

▼”Socks, socks, socks”

▼”I hate math.”

▼”Pigtail friends!”

▼”Girls hiding in things/’We’ve lived sheltered lives'”

▼”Girls hiding in things 2/’We’ve lived sheltered lives 2′”

Here are some reactions of Japanese net users after seeing the silly photos:

“I’d be happy if either one of them confessed his love to me!”

“I wonder how many years it’s been since either one of them went to class…”

“How did they get in!?”

“The one on the left looks like Sophie [from Howl’s Moving Castle]. Quick, someone break the spell!”


“This, this destructive force…”

“Touché, Hamuchan [the name of the online forum], you got me again…”

Stay tuned to Ladybeard’s official Twitter account if you’d like to follow his/her hilarious hijinks more closely!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter (@Ladybeard_Japan)