Perhaps the (in)famous pigeon dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend has given the nation a soft spot for the feathered creatures, because Japanese people have been going crazy for cute pics of pigeons all fluffed up in the cold.

“The pigeons are all fluffed up! Looks cold! They’re pom-poms!”

[tweet https://twitter.com/monoeye_398_box/status/545068849029058563 align=center]

Some people think of pigeons as vermin, but personally I don’t understand how they possibly can when they’re so cute! And apparently there are plenty of other people who agree with me, as this particular pigeon-related tweet was favourited over 11,000 times, with many commenters saying they just wanted to bundle the pigeons up and take them home.

▼All fluffed up against the winter chill.


▼Looks like me after too much Christmas pudding.


▼Is your one true love somewhere among them?


The cold season in Japan will continue on into the beginning of March so there’s still plenty of opportunity to go out and snap some sweet pigeon shots for yourself if you’re over here. Just make sure to wrap up warm!

Source:Twitter via HamuSoku
Images: Twitter