Japanese guy gets surprise in basket when using bike for first time in… quite a while

Not sure if mad or honored.

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We dare Tokyo’s pigeons to crap on us because we think it’ll make us rich【Experiment】

Will our crap investments make us filthy rich, or just filthy? Read on to find out!

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“No seeds, please.” Pigeons in Japanese anti-birdfeed posters show startling self-awareness

The Internet has a great time with the “Please don’t feed the pigeons!” campaign, in which pigeons tell passers-by where they can stick their birdseed.

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Japanese manga artist illustrates the difference between pigeons in popular Tokyo tourist spots

Sometimes it’s not easy being a small bird in a big city.

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Japan’s Twitterers ponder this “don’t feed the pigeons” sign found at train station

This is the most fierce-looking pigeon I have ever seen.

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Pigeon gets on the wrong train but doesn’t notice in time—we can totally empathize!【Video】

This pigeon got on the wrong train. What happens next is probably exactly would happen to any of us!

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Slow news day special: Pigeons who think they’re people spotted in Japanese McDondald’s

Another slow news day, another bird-themed Japanese Twitter picture making the rounds.

To put it lightly, Japan’s major cities have a bit of a pigeon problem. According to Japan’s National Institute for Environmental Studies, the pigeon (or, holy crap, technically the “feral rock dove”), is an invasive species to the Japanese mainland that now inhabits essentially every speck of land, including, even, some distant islands belonging to Japan.

As with invasive pigeons in other cities throughout the world, Japanese pigeons have largely adapted to an urban environment, losing their instinctive fear of humans, nesting in and among buildings and, apparently, even frequenting McDonald’s.

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Pop-pom pigeons are topping Japan’s cute-o-meter this winter

Perhaps the (in)famous pigeon dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend has given the nation a soft spot for the feathered creatures, because Japanese people have been going crazy for cute pics of pigeons all fluffed up in the cold.

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Japanese pigeon bravely flies to Canada, owner won’t pony up dough for its return

In a rare feat of feathered flight, a racing pigeon from Japan has managed to somehow traverse the entire Pacific Ocean and wind up on the west coast of Canada.  Sadly, the pigeon’s original owner wasn’t willing to pay to have the brave bird brought back, but things have ended up working out well for the little guy.

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