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As you may have already heard, winter is cold in Japan. Maybe not as cold as some other more northern countries, but it’s still very chilly even indoors because many people still choose to only heat one room in the house at a time, or live in buildings made out of lightweight materials in an effort to make them as earthquake-safe as possible. This proves to be a bit of an issue for pet owners. Many pets are built to resist some amount of cold (because duh, fur!) but others aren’t equipped to deal with the cold daytime weather.

Perhaps this is why Japan sells some pretty ridiculous pet clothes! UNIHABITAT has a couple of new pet outfits that are going to turn some heads, but will also keep your pets warm and cozy this winter season.

UNIHABITAT is a company that makes and sells products for pets and pet owners in order to facilitate a life of happy togetherness. This is certainly just another way of saying they have some cat and dog stuff to sell you. We aren’t always a fan of pets in clothes but these two outfits can’t be ignored. Introducing the “Catatsu” and the “Hot Dog”!

Designed like a sheltered blanket, the “Catatsu” knows exactly where your cat likes to be, under the kotatsu (heated table)! Sleepy visions of winter will fill your head as you watch your furry feline friend snuggle up with this fantastic outfit on. With a cup full of green tea and an orange resting on the kotatsu, it will make you wish you were under there too.

winter pet 1

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Not one to be left out in the cold, the following dog outfit will really keep your dog hot, or warm at least. This hilarious/pitiable costume will also make your dog the talk of the town after you take it out for a walk! No one will ever forget that hot dog dressed as a “hot dog”. Looking stylish and keeping warm has never been so easy.

winter pet 7

A cute wiener could sit be sitting atop your wiener dog!

winter pet 8

winter pet 9

▼ “Why have you done this to me? I thought we were friends?”

winter pet 10

Make sure your special friends have a way to keep warm when you are out of the house. Both outfits come with the added bonus of being completely metal and wire free. You can grab the hot dog outfit in small, medium and large sizes starting at 2,500 yen (US$21.20) while the “catatsu” is one size fits all at just 2,500 yen ($21.20). Don’t let your friendship run cold, even when the temperature is dropping below zero!

Source: Narinari