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Cats love to squeeze themselves into all types of cramped spaces, and this winter, they’re taking up residence inside shirt sleeves.

Lately, Twitter users in Japan have been noticing their cats disappearing around the house when it’s cold, only to discover them snuggled up inside the warmth of a cosy sleeve! It’s all part of the phenomenon called sode neko, or “sleeve cats,” and owners are enthusiastically sharing photos of these feline shenanigans online.

▼ A classic sode neko, looking more like a worm than a cat

▼ This black and blue combination is particularly striking.

▼ Cats who want some padded comfort know the special charms of a parka arm.

▼ Japanese Twitter users are smitten with cats who enjoy sleeves, with or without their owners in them!

▼ Serious cats get a taste of office life by hiding out in business shirt sleeves.

▼ They might not look cute all the time but they always look cosy!

▼ Fashionable kittens know that knitwear never goes out of style in winter.

▼ This kitty looks like “The Girl With The Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer.

▼ Alongside sode neko are suso neko, or Trouser Leg Cats!

Whether they’re hiding up sleeves or trouser legs, these cosy kittens are all adorable.

If you’re after another dose of cute, you might like to head over to the world of sleeve hamsters. Winter is definitely the season for hiding in sleeves!

Source: Naver Matome
Top Image: Rabulove Exblog