Has the clothing brand has done the unthinkable and permeated the lucrative animal kingdom market?

The business world was shocked this week when a pigeon was spotted wearing the famous swoosh symbol of sportswear maker Nike. Although ever-present on various walks of life from professional athletes to Mafiosi, this may the first time an animal has donned the swoosh as a part of its natural plumage.

The image was captured by Twitter user Akihiro Tomiyama on 26 April with the caption “This pigeon totally looks like a Nike shoe.”

Perhaps its shoe-like appearance provides a Darwinian example of why pigeons have not embraced the Nike swoosh in the past. After all, doing so runs a higher risk of being stepped on by overzealous sneaker fans and crushed. However, there is possibility pigeons have shunned Nike in the past on ethical grounds.

To find out, SoraNews24 asked the pigeon if it agreed with wearing the brand of a company notorious for its exploitation of developing countries, thus reducing jobs in the countries that they primarily do business leaving a negative economic impact.

The pigeon refused to comment, and instead walked around in circles nervously bobbing its head at the ground.

Taking that response to mean that the pigeon community may not be 100-percent behind the Nike pigeon, it’s difficult to say whether this look will catch on or not, but the bird’s sudden fame seems to suggest it may.

And it’s about time. With the pop-pom pigeon craze dying out and Hatoful Boyfriend pigeon-dating-simulator having run its course, pigeons are in serious need of a new gimmick to offset the occasional crapping on our heads.

Source: Twitter/@Tom_0816

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