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When you sit down to watch a Studio Ghibli movie, there are generally three things you can expect to see depicted with unbridled passion and heart-stirring attention to detail: the thrill of flight, the glory of nature, and the mouthwatering deliciousness of expertly prepared food. As a matter of fact, scrumptious fare, ranging from extravagant delicacies to good honest grub, shows up with such frequency in Ghibli’s works that one fan counted 47 anime dishes that looked good enough to eat, then set out to make them all himself, as shown in this amazing video.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user Silver and Question, who’s obviously a serious Ghibli fan. We somehow doubt that Silver and Question’s diet consists of nothing but prepackaged snacks and convenience store sandwiches scarfed down while rewatching classic anime, though, because he shows off some serious cooking skills in his lengthy love letter to both animation and culinary arts.

Just as Studio Ghibli has largely stuck by its pen-and-paper roots even as the rest of the animation world has gone overwhelmingly digital, Silver and Question believes in doing things the old-fashioned way. Before the video finishes, the talented chef can be seen making pasta, sauces, curry roux, and cakes all from scratch.

For those of you looking for the menu from your favorite film, the breakdown of the video is:
0:08 The Castle of Cagliostro

▼ Cagliostro pasta

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1:10 Howl’s Moving Castle

▼ Bacon and egg breakfast

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1:56 From Up on Poppy Hill

▼ Meru’s bento boxed lunch

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4:44 Spirited Away

▼ Jumbo squid with rice

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17:26 Porco Rosso

▼ Swordfish confit with white sauce

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25:19 Princess Mononoke

▼ Dried meat

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26:57 Ponyo

▼ Chicken ramen topped with ham

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28:11 Whisper of the Heart

▼ Nabeyaki udon

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28:55 The Wind Rises


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34:25 Kiki’s Delivery Service

▼ Pumpkin and herring pie

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38:05 My Neighbor Totoro

▼ Satsuki’s bento (the very same one that left such an impression on RocketNews24’s very own KK Miller)

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39:21 Castle in the Sky Laputa

▼ Laputa toast

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If you watch carefully, you might catch one brief moment where it seems like the gourmand Silver and Question cuts corners by using a pack of dry, premade ramen. Even this is anime authentic, though, since the dish being made is the ramen from Ponyo, and the onscreen cook, Risa, is far too busy taking care of her five-year-old son to use anything other than instant noodles.

As extra proof that Silver and Question doesn’t have a lazy bone in his body, take a peek at what he did to make the pancake from Kiki’s Delivery Service, in the section starting at 35:15.

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Really, there wouldn’t have been anything wrong with recreating its unusual form by making a normal pancake, then cutting out a similarly shaped slice with a knife. Instead, Silver and Question machined and welded a custom crescent pancake mold.

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Innovative, imaginative, and waste-reducing? We know Hayao Miyazaki’s got a beef with otaku, but we think he’d actually be sort of proud of this particular fan.

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