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Etsy has become the place for the geeky and talented to sell things to their geeky brethren. Every fandom is represented and you can buy creative and fun merchandise, such as accessories, t-shirts and those DIY items you haven’t found the time to make yourself. There are so many artistic and creative things to buy that it’s really hard to exit out of the page before you find something you really, really want.

This week, we found some gorgeous jewelry that’s perfect for an engagement, marriage, or just the otaku who needs some more bling. It might cost you a pretty penny, but according to thousands of satisfied customers, it’s worth the price.

Paul Michael Bierker is the shop owner on Etsy behind PaulMichaelDesign, maker of fine rings and necklaces since 2013. He and his team specialize in turning the TV shows, video games, and books we love in to wearable collectables.  His work is inspired by a number of big franchises including Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Star Wars and The Legend of Zelda.

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Here are a few outstanding pieces that would look amazing on our fingers, or those of your Pokémon-loving fiancé.

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If a galaxy far, far away is more your style, how about these R2-D2 inspired rings?

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You and nine of your friends can rock these Sailor Moon inspired rings. And if you don’t have nine other crazy Sailor Moon fans, you can always wear one on each finger.

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You’ve heard of statement rings? Make a statement with this shiny Dragon Ball ring. You can tell the one you love exactly what you would use your Dragon Ball wish for.

▼ A long and happy marriage, right?

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These amazing pieces of jewelry are definitely not on the cheap side (most are priced at several hundred dollars), but when you are making a lifetime purchase such as this, don’t you think it’s the perfect time to embrace your nerdy side and show everyone what you love? This RocketNews24 reporter says, “I do!”

Images: Etsy/PaulMichaelDesign
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